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2020 - Current

Memento Vitae:

My Body is Your Nest 

selections from the series

This new body of work is an expression of my deep interest in the intelligent, lush beauty of nature and its brilliantly creative strategies for propagation. I was compelled by an intuitive sense of the mystery and insistence inherent in nature's ongoing stream of living, natural immortality. I find that understandings and connections rise like dreams from what lies beneath. Although I am exploring personal metaphoric associations and emotional reactions to being female in a biological world, it is important to me that this work not be overly anthropocentric. I want to take fertility and nurturing beyond the experience of human reproduction to that of nature itself as an infinitely beautiful and dynamic reproductive system. With our species' ever-increasing fascination with artificial intelligence, I feel it is paramount to appreciate, respect, and protect our planet's greatest intelligence: natural biological life.


Pink Flower Moon, glazed terra cotta, 24.5"h x 24"w x 8"d, wired to hang, 2023


Your Body is My Nest, glazed terra cotta, 24.5"h x 24.5"w x 9"d, wired to hang, 2022


Memento Vitae, glazed terra cotta, 18.5"h x 21.5"w x 10"d, wired to hang, 2022


Brilliant Flashpoint, glazed terra cotta, 24"h x 24"w x 8"d, 2022, wired to hang


Summer's Clarion Call, glazed terra cotta, 24.5"w x 24.5"w x 9"d, wired to hang, 2023


Spring Moon, glazed terra cotta, 25"h x 23.5 "w x 9.75"d, wired to hang, 2022


Radiant Spring, glazed terra cotta, 24"h x 24"w x 12.5"d, wired to hang, 2021


Nesting Season, glazed terra cotta, 26"h x 25"w x 9.5"d, wired to hang, 2022


Pelvic Nest With Hydrangeas and Butterflies, glazed terra cotta, 17.5"h x 15"w x 9"d, wired to hang, 2022


Deer Sky, glazed terra cotta, 25"h x 25"w x 12"d, wired to hang, 2021


Red Pollinator, glazed terra cotta, 23"h x 24"w x 7"d, wired to hang, 2022


Green Pollinator, glazed terra cotta, 22.5"h x 25"w x 8"d", wired to hang, 2022

C E R A M I C - S T U D I O
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